Project Black Hole

As described in “Black holes are some of the strangest and most fascinating objects in outer space. They’re extremely dense, with such strong gravitational attraction that even light cannot escape their grasp if it comes near enough”

Effectively, a black hole is in a world of its own. Whatever is occurring outside a black hole doesn’t affect anything that is going on within it. Everything within it is unique to that black hole – kind of a hyper localization of matter (or whatever is left of it).

What is therefore Project Black Hole?

Project Black Hole is a concept in hospitality which is based on the idea of hyper localization. As my ideas evolve I will update this page. Think of this page as a window into a business idea which maybe one day will see the light of execution.

The ‘Black Hole’ is a hospitality establishment with the following hyper localization features

  1. The Black Hole will have a business radius of 50km, even within a city.
  2. The interiors of the establishment will be dedicated to the local culture – for example: If this establishment is in a town in Mexico, the interiors and the architecture (regulations permitting) will be inspired by the culture of the town.
  3. The people who work at the establishment will be from the ‘Black Hole’. One can employ non-hyper locals but for short periods to make up staff shortages
  4. All produce will be sourced locally – to help local farmers, businesses and the environment
  5. All food and dishes will be local. You wont find pizza at the local Mexican black hole
  6. Modern practices can be used to ensure sustainability, environmental support and energy efficiency
  7. As one travels through a country, one can stay at many such ‘Black Hole’ establishments (possible Franchise model) with unique hyper local experiences
  8. The Black Hole chain model is similar to many hotel chains but each Black Hole is hyper local
  9. A customer will always get the hyper local experience – completely different to the ‘Starbucks’ experience
  10. You can use consistent customer service practices but ensure the immersive hyper local experience in each establishment

Less Starbucks experience and more local diner experience – after all we are all different so why should our hospitality experiences be the same.

I might consider building on this idea in the future – for now, it is a dream waiting for its moment.

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