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Lessons from my Explorations

As a young boy growing up in India, subjects such as geography and history fascinated me. We studied Indian history in detail, learning about the many dynasties that conquered India such as the Greeks, the Persians and the Europeans. We … Continue reading Lessons from my Explorations

Premium Backpacking: Accomodation

I have stayed in many hostels across many countries around the world. Each hostel is different and each experience is different. Common to most if not all hostels is the dormitory experience. Young people who travel end up in hostels as these are cheap, social and accessible – all key needs of young backpackers. What these young people bring is the abundance of energy which electrifies the hostel experience. Late night partying. No problem. Waking up at midday and then heading to the pub. No problem. Coming back at 4am and heading to the museum at 10am. No problem. Oh! … Continue reading Premium Backpacking: Accomodation

The Power of You Tube

These days, there are millions of creators who are playing their craft on YouTube. Among these creators are the usual travellers who are portraying their perspective of the world as they travel from place to place. We have all sorts of travellers: the backpackers, the party goers, the hikers, the beach loungers, the off beaten track enthusiasts and many for. YouTube has, as far as I am concerned, been the greatest innovative achievement of the internet so far. As an explorer (and currently non-creator) I rely on these fantastic people on information and advise for my travels. But far more … Continue reading The Power of You Tube

Lesson 25: Live Life on your terms

Most people I know are incredibly talented, driven and ambitious. Many have reached the pinnacle of achievements or are almost getting there. There is an automatic drive to do something impactful to win our peers and community’s love and respect. Our brains cannot deal with the modern world. In the old days, during the caveman times, all that was needed to be an outperformer was to provide food and security. It meant status and mating access. Over time, dynasties grew, and power shifted from the caves to the thrones. But the underlying drives did not change. There couldn’t be a … Continue reading Lesson 25: Live Life on your terms

Lesson 24: You can’t have it all

One of the biggest drivers of travel is the bucket list. You can hear about it everywhere. “1000 experiences to do before you die.” “I have been to 100 countries.” “7 continents done.” As I started to travel, I got caught up in the bucket list. I wanted to check the items off a list and shout out to the world my accomplishments. Over time, that receded. I no longer wanted to see it all. I wanted to go deeper. I was happy to stay in a place longer and possibly miss out on many experiences. I stopped chasing the … Continue reading Lesson 24: You can’t have it all

Lesson 23: You are who you are

Our thoughts, cognitions, beliefs, values, experiences influence us and shape us up. As I travelled, I also used the time to explore myself, using the tools of self-reflection and introspection. I asked myself: Who am I? Who is the real me? The same questions apply to every single person in this world. All the experiences have made you the person you are today but Is that person you or Are you transformed into someone else? There are more profound questions one needs to ask oneself. Sometimes a lot of personal work is required. When I explored, I used the opportunity … Continue reading Lesson 23: You are who you are

Lesson 22: Engage Less and Observe More

Every morning, starting before sunrise at about 5:30 am, in Luang Prabang, Laos, the Buddhist monks go around the neighbourhoods asking for donations. People, many of them seated on their knees, line up the streets patiently on the road. The monks quietly walk by as the locals give rice and offerings to the monks. This ritual is called the Tak Bat. Everyone is silent. There is a sense of calm as the daily processions continue. And within an hour or so, the routine is completed. When I observed this daily ritual, I immediately transported myself to a period of stillness … Continue reading Lesson 22: Engage Less and Observe More