One small step onto one long walk

On Saturday, I head to St. Jean Pied de Port to kick off the Camino de Compostella pilgrimage. The total journey is approximately 780km and I intend to complete the walk in 40 days. It has been just under two years since I finished the travels across Africa and across parts of Africa. That journey and my time in London have given me a deeper perspective of the kind of life I want to build and the kind of explorations I want to pursue (The Philosophy of Travel) For now, it is suffice to state that Camino is the first … Continue reading One small step onto one long walk

Cairo: Manshiyat Naser

While researching Cairo, I came across a note in Lonely Planet on a neighbourhood which doesn’t feature on the list of tourist sights. This hood is called the Garbage city: Known locally as Manshiyat Naser. It caught my eye. Here we have a community of mostly Coptic Christians (also called Zabbaleens) who collect garbage from all over Cairo and then work on recycling. It is quite different from slums and favelas: here the community only processes garbage for a living. I decided to explore the area out of curiosity: What is Garbage city supposed to be?. I did not expect … Continue reading Cairo: Manshiyat Naser

Arctic Highlights: Gerard de Geer Glacier

After a sighting of the Polar bear, Greenland provided more: a lot more. Ice everywhere: brush ice, growlers, bergy bits, icebergs and finally their source, the Glaciers. We did a zodiac cruise through the waters and came across some spectacular ice formations. We got a sense of how small we were compared to these giant natural wonders. Mother nature was reminding her spoilt and arrogant human children who is the real boss? Mother Nature has the power to disrupt anything. The glacier itself ran for miles across and possibly 100s of miles to the source. It looked stunning. Greenland had … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Gerard de Geer Glacier

Arctic Highlights – Greenland Copelandfjord

Around 12:30am, we were woken up to experience nature’s lighting display, also known as Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. It is dance that transforms the sky when the solar winds are strong. We got a fair glimpse of it last night. In the morning, we went on a short hike to stretch our legs and also get a closer look at the terrain. The terrain was mostly bare with patches of vegetation. In the very far distance there were a herd of musk ox grazing on the vegetation. The walk wasnt hard and therefore we could take our time … Continue reading Arctic Highlights – Greenland Copelandfjord