Northern Laos

The Northern part of Laos is lush green, stunningly beautiful and extremely mountainous. The winding roads to get anywhere is a testament of human resilience to cut through these mountains and connect the land to its people. And these people, the people from Laos, the ones who call this land home, are some of the most humble, friendly, smiling people I have ever met.However, the smiles hide very deep scars which define them as a people and Laos as a nation. I have spent the last 10 days exploring the Northern part of Laos. And in this short period, I … Continue reading Northern Laos


Every time I come to Singapore (however short), the sense of belonging exists: A part of me always will be in Singapore and wants to come back. The other part of me is like ‘I would rather live in cold, rainy, gloomy London and deal with weekly tube signal failures than live through the heat and humidity of Singapore’. The tug of war continues….. The skyline of Singapore astonishes all of me every single time! Singapore is a very modern city but besides the skyline, I am totally in awe of the food here: the taste, the quality, the variety, … Continue reading Singapore

Cairo: Manshiyat Naser

While researching Cairo, I came across a note in Lonely Planet on a neighbourhood which doesn’t feature on the list of tourist sights. This hood is called the Garbage city: Known locally as Manshiyat Naser. It caught my eye. Here we have a community of mostly Coptic Christians (also called Zabbaleens) who collect garbage from all over Cairo and then work on recycling. It is quite different from slums and favelas: here the community only processes garbage for a living. I decided to explore the area out of curiosity: What is Garbage city supposed to be?. I did not expect … Continue reading Cairo: Manshiyat Naser