Iceland: Day 0, Pilot

From July 2016, I will be taking time off from work to explore the world. I intend to be on the road for a period of 15 to 24 months (leaning towards 24 months). To prepare myself, I have followed bloggers who are doing long term travel, read multiple forums to get any direction, advise from follow travellers and so far the information has been priceless. However I also wanted to try a few things and therefore I am using the trip to Iceland to test a few assumptions: my very own pilot project. The intent is to test my … Continue reading Iceland: Day 0, Pilot

Tin Tin exhibition

When I was a young boy,  I was very much into comics. I loved Asterix ,  Phantom,  Archies and Tin Tin. Tin Tin, in a way,  is my favourite.  The books were full of adventures in these exotic lands and it always seemed so much fun to do those trips with the characters in the books. So when I found out through the timeout website that there was a free exhibition on Tin Tin at Somerset House, I had to check it out. The exhibition did not disappoint. As I walked into the small exhibition,  I entered a world of … Continue reading Tin Tin exhibition

2016:Travel Dreams

From a travel perspective, 2015 was a good year. The highlight of the year was the trip to Cuba: with the Americans and Cubans warming up to each other, the concern is over-commercialization of Cuba in due course and I am glad to have visited Cuba before everything potentially changes. Today is the first day of the year and it is time to probably have a bit of think about this year’s travel wishlist. Top of the List is Iceland: This is one of my favourite drone footages of Iceland. Iceland Drone Footage Iceland with its contrasting landscapes, hot springs, … Continue reading 2016:Travel Dreams


Having spent 3 days in Berlin,  I must say that it isn’t a majestic city or a beautiful one but it has its charm. There is obviously history here with the Berlin Wall and the history of Nazis. I found  Berlin to be a city that grows on you –  the buildings are nothing to write about,  the transport quintessential German –  efficient,  clean and effective. However as I wandered aimlessly around the city,  getting a drink at a random place,  I began to like Berlin. The music is from the 90s,  the people around having a good sense of … Continue reading Berlin

London canal ride

After living in London for the last 8 years, I finally did a boat ride along the London canals. It was a leisurely 60 min ride starting in Little Venice and ending in Camden town. While the sights were not particularly spectacular, my favourite moment was passing the large bird cage at the London Zoo – felt like a scene from Jurassic Park. I enjoyed the ride and would recommend to anyone looking at a different way to explore London. Continue reading London canal ride

San Sebastian: A short getaway

Getting to San Sebastian is easy from London. I took a flight to Bilbao and then the bus to the San Sebastian. The bus is at the far end (around 100m) to the left as one exits the airport. It costs approximately 15 € and journey time is 70 minutes. Note: one needs to buy the return from the office and cannot be bought from the driver unlike the ride to San Sebastian. The return ticket costs 16.95€. Friday The first night was uneventful save from the alarm of someone from the dorm room. The noise outside the hostel was … Continue reading San Sebastian: A short getaway