Arctic Highlights: Torellneset

We had our first sighting of a polar bear today. It was at quite a distance and while it isnt what I would have wanted as a first sighting, it wad still quite thrilling to see one. Polar bears are quite dangerous and one needs to be wary on land. That is why guides carry rifles to always be on the lookout. Since there was a bear on land, we had to settle for a zodiac cruise along the coast. It turned out to be an excellent choice. We experienced a couple of colonies of walrsuses including some calves. Both … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Torellneset

Arctic Highlights: Vikingbug

After a wet start with strong winds, we finally docked at Vikingbug and went on our zodiacs. It was quite a spectacle seeing so many icebergs which are blue and the colours popping out. Blue ice refers to old ice which is compact (the air bubbles have escaped and the blue light gets refracted). Due to the rains, there were a couple of waterfalls steaming down the cliffs. On a small island formation, there was watermelon ice or pink ice – the colour is due to an algae. Finally we saw two polar bears at a distance. Prior to the … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Vikingbug

Arctic Highlights: Ittoqqortoormit

After days at sea, we stopped at a settlement, the largest on the east coast, to get a sense of the community in Greenland. As a preview we watched a documentary called A Boy among Polar Bears – I would highly recommend it. The settlement houses around 400 people with a lot more huskies. The day was wet and unfortunately there wasnt many people around. I made the most of it by exploring the area including the weather station, the huskies and the general landscape. I couldnt help but admire the resilience and grit of the locals. The summer is … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Ittoqqortoormit

Arctic Highlights: Segelsällskapet

Segelsällskapet is one of the points in the fjord system in the North West of Greenland. Here we disembarked and we went on a relative strenuos hike to a point high in the mountains where the entire fjord system mesmerized us in its foggy wonder. The following words, I hope, articulate the feeling I experienced. On a cliff high above the seas Vastness of the land lay in front of me The wind roared and the fog rose And the water streamed down to the shore As I saw the faint steam from the ship A sign that my stay … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Segelsällskapet

Arctic Highlights: Alpe Glacier

Mountains as high as 2000m greeted our arrival to the Alpe Glacier. The air was crisp and cold, the moutains had a streak of fog and the waters were calm and serene. The reflection of the landscape amplified the beauty onto the our senses. It seemed Greenland was toying with out hearts. With each passing moment, it revealed another slice of her hidden beauty wrapped into the fjords, the moutains, the waters and the ice. It led us to another zodiac cruise calling us to explore her more. The land and the ice seduced us more as we navigated through … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Alpe Glacier

Arctic Highlights: Blomsterbugten

Today we got a glimpse of the greenland we expect. Giant Icebergs floating in the fjord welcome us with their magnificance. But they were dwarfed by the massive cliffs which echoed times of prehistoric formations with distinct mineral lines to create miles of spectacular rock formations. The highlight, however, was the welcome we received from a polar bear. It was quite unexpected but very much welcome. The polar bear quietly smelled the air and gazed upon us as we cruised in the zodiacs to get a closer look. It was clear who rules the mighty cliffs here. We have had … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Blomsterbugten