Arctic Highlights: Gerard de Geer Glacier

After a sighting of the Polar bear, Greenland provided more: a lot more. Ice everywhere: brush ice, growlers, bergy bits, icebergs and finally their source, the Glaciers. We did a zodiac cruise through the waters and came across some spectacular ice formations. We got a sense of how small we were compared to these giant natural wonders. Mother nature was reminding her spoilt and arrogant human children who is the real boss? Mother Nature has the power to disrupt anything. The glacier itself ran for miles across and possibly 100s of miles to the source. It looked stunning. Greenland had … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Gerard de Geer Glacier

Arctic Highlights – Greenland Copelandfjord

Around 12:30am, we were woken up to experience nature’s lighting display, also known as Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. It is dance that transforms the sky when the solar winds are strong. We got a fair glimpse of it last night. In the morning, we went on a short hike to stretch our legs and also get a closer look at the terrain. The terrain was mostly bare with patches of vegetation. In the very far distance there were a herd of musk ox grazing on the vegetation. The walk wasnt hard and therefore we could take our time … Continue reading Arctic Highlights – Greenland Copelandfjord

Arctic Highlights: The path to Iceland

It was almost fate that we started the journey back to Iceland with a series of icebergs (some quite big indeed) bidding us goodbye. It was such a spectacular sight. I was blown away by these icebergs. We then had a series of lectures over 2 days, starting with a photo montage of Iceland and the other islands of the North. It was followed by the presentation on whales of the Arctics. We continued with a lecture on plastic in the oceans before rounding off the day with a lecture on race to the pole. We reached Reykjavik around midnight … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: The path to Iceland

Arctic Highlights: The last zodiac cruise

Today, at Stor Ø we went on our last zodiac cruise navigating the icebergs of Greenland. It was a sad moment as I knew the trip is over and we would be on our way to Iceland late tonight. The day, however, started off very well with the Polar Plunge. I pulled it off and now I have done it at both, the Antarctics and the Arctics. The water was cold but it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Just a refreshing start to the day. The rest of the morning was spent on the zodiacs. There … Continue reading Arctic Highlights: The last zodiac cruise

Arctic Highlights: Sydkap

Another day, another piece of the dreamland also known as Greenland. We head to a place called Sydkap which is known for the number of icebergs which float in the sea. And it did not disappoint. We hiked on the Arctic Tundra which was very mushy from the rains, picked up a fair bit of plastic which was likely brought ashore by the currents and just soaked in the spectacular view of the icebergs. Continue reading Arctic Highlights: Sydkap