The Great South American Adventure: Argentina – Early Days

I boarded the plane from London to Ushuaia, Argentina on 17th Nov 2016. The entire journey was uneventful and I landed in Ushuaia around 4pm local time. I was tired and exhausted after almost a 30 hour journey. However, when this view presented itself just outside the airport, I was quietly ecstatic for a brief moment.  The taxi ride to the hostel wasn’t expensive: around AR $ 130. I checked into the hostel and crashed. I was in Ushuaia for 3 days before my expedition to Antarctica. During those 3 days, I did a combination of hikes to Martial Glacier … Continue reading The Great South American Adventure: Argentina – Early Days

The Trip to Cuba – Part 1

I had been eagerly awaiting the trip to Cuba ever since I booked my flights and a tour in November last year. I chose the tour “Cuban Rhythms” from G Adventures as it would have given me a glimpse into Cuba over a 8 day period. Since November last year, the political situation in Cuba has changed. The relationship between US and Cuba has been improving and while there is no doubt that economically Cubans will gain from the new relationship, from a tourist point of view we are going to lose the “old” Cuba. Today, as I write this … Continue reading The Trip to Cuba – Part 1