San Francisco: Part 1

Last time I was in San Francisco¬† was in 2006, so I was looking forward to this trip. And it did not disappoint. To help me, the weather was just stunning – hot with clear blue skies (with a bit of drizzle). In the first two days, I walked around the city and met friends and family. The first walk was from the Marina to Fisherman’s wharf. I started at the Palace of fine arts – I believe it was built for a world fair a few decades back. The architecture is beautiful but there is nothing much else to … Continue reading San Francisco: Part 1


Frasier is my favourite sitcom. Even though I am well aware that almost all episodes were not shot in the city, I was still quite excited about visiting Seattle. In addition, I was going to meet my adorable nephew for the first time. I took the air train from Seattle airport and went to downtown. The air train is very good – cheap, clean and runs on time. At the centre, while I waited for my cousin, I bought a coffee and watched the city as it drizzled. And I loved it. I can’t explain it. There is something immensely … Continue reading Seattle

Washington DC

Having spent three days in DC, I can honestly say it is one of my favourite cities – just for the fact that museums (and there are many) are free (most of them). I stayed at HI hostel, a gem of a place. This place has a rule – No alcohol allowed in the hostel which I truly appreciated. Sometimes I am tired of hostels where residents continue to drink and make noise. I prefer a quiet place where I can sleep well and then explore the city during the day. On my first night, I joined an African American … Continue reading Washington DC