Ultimate Africa: Tanzania Part 2

As previously mentioned, Stonetown is a conservative town in Zanzibar with a Muslim majority. This influence has been around since the times of the Omani royalty. There is, however, a dark side to Stone town.  Stonetown was the hub of East African Slavery trade. Slaves were brought here from many parts of East Africa, sometimes forcibly, sometimes in cooperation with local tribes before they were auctioned to the highest bidder. The slave trade was controlled by the Arabs: something I didn’t know till I spent time in the Slavery musuem. It is a definite must visit place. A definite eye … Continue reading Ultimate Africa: Tanzania Part 2

Ultimate Africa: Tanzania Part 1

After a few days in Malawi, we headed to Tanzania to experience three highlights: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar. This update is about Zanzibar and the beaches. Zanzibar, as you are probably aware  is an island off the coast of Tanzania. What you probably dont know and I didnt either is that Zanzibar is autonomous to Tanzania. Having a Muslim majority, Zanzibar, especially in Stonetown, is very conservative and this applies to the way one dresses in the town. Zanzibar, though, has beautiful beaches: pristine, white sandy beaches and this was our first introduction to Zanzibar. We stayed at a … Continue reading Ultimate Africa: Tanzania Part 1

Ultimate Africa: Malawi

Malawi was the first place, as such, where we interacted with the locals more. We stopped along Lake Malawi at two spots: Kande Beach and Chitamba. Kande Beach was beautiful. It felt more like the ocean than a lake. I was quite pleased to have a rest by the lake. On our first day, we met the local villagers who hosted a dinner for us. While I am all for meeting the locals, I was quite uncomfortable with how easily young children were reaching out to us: grabbing our hands and guiding us along. The kids were sweet and very … Continue reading Ultimate Africa: Malawi

Ultimate Africa: Zambia

After Botswana we headed to Zambia. Livingstone was the main destination of this part of the leg. Livingstone has the Victoria Falls which is one of the most beautiful falls in the world. I went to see the falls with some fellow travellers and the views were spectacular. It did seem though that the views might be better from the Zimbabwean side. Something to do in my next African adventure. There are quite a few baboons at the falls.  They are there everywhere and it was interesting to get so close to them. They don’t disturb you. You don’t disturb … Continue reading Ultimate Africa: Zambia

Ultimate Africa: Journey from Swapkopmund to Windhoek

Another week on the road and it has been another week of adventures, breath taking experiences and fun. However the weather especially early morning hasn’t been kind. It has been really cold but then again, it is a small price to pay. Today, however, we have heated tents and the beers are flowing. It is a good day to be in Windhoek. The heated tent: A much needed respite from the basic tents we have been sleeping in.  We left Swapkopmund and headed to Spitzkoppe conservation area. The area has multiple large boulders and peaks  made of magma. We were … Continue reading Ultimate Africa: Journey from Swapkopmund to Windhoek