Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a marvel in Dubai. It is the world’s tallest building at over 828 meters. The building, modular in plan, is laid out on a three-lobed footprint that is an abstract rendering of the local Hymenocallis flower. Burj Khalifa was officially named to honour the president of the neighbouring emirate of Abū Ẓaby, Sheikh Khalīfah ibn Zāyid Āl Nahyān. More information can be obtained at https://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/ https://www.britannica.com/topic/Burj-Khalifa My Take You can do a tour of the tower and it is worth the admission price. As someone who loves engineering, I was quite in awe at the scale of the effort. … Continue reading Burj Khalifa

Nepal 2020: Annapurna Circuit Treak

Here are the highlights from the Annapurna Circuit Trek: 1. Tea houses and amazing food: In Nepal, there is a saying: Dal Bhaat Power 24 hours. Which the trekkers love. From Apple pies to Momos to Thukpas, the food has been wonderful. I have stuffed myself with all sorts of food: Apple pies, Pizzas, Swiss Rostis, Noodle Soups etc. The tea houses built on the mountains are just wonderful. It would have been a herculean effort to built these places. 2. The people of Nepal are wonderful. They came across as kind, humble and very hospitable. We met so many … Continue reading Nepal 2020: Annapurna Circuit Treak

Sri Lanka: Island with a lot of punch

Sri Lanka, while small has a lot to offer: The warmth of the locals, the tradition of hospitality, the rich diversity of food, the deep spirituality and religious traditions especially Buddhism. Unfortunately for me, I also found it extremely difficult to deal with the heat and found myself hating the weather from 10am!!! to about 5pm in most places. That is on me. Since I also ended up sick in the last week of my trip, I couldn’t experience the beaches of Sri Lanka: I did a quick stop at Mirissa and Unawatuna but didn’t really spend much time there. … Continue reading Sri Lanka: Island with a lot of punch


There is so much to share about Vietnam. This is a country very rich in both ancient history and modern history. The food is fantastic and the best so far. There are countless motorbikes and navigating through the traffic (either riding or walking) is an art. People are always smiling and most folks I have met are kind, helpful and generous. They haven’t let their recent history hold them back. It is a country full of hope, enthusiasm, high in spirits and trying to grow and become better. And that it is why I love Vietnam. This is not to … Continue reading Vietnam


In a TED talk on depression, Johann Hari talked about the experience of a South African doctor. The South African doctor was in Cambodia in 2001 when chemical anti-depressants were introduced in the country. Trying to explain what these meds were, the doctor received an unexpected response: We have these anti depressants. Asked to explain more, the Cambodians gave the example of a farmer who had his leg blown off from a landmine. Severely depressed, the doctors spoke to him and then gave him a cow so he could be a dairy farmer. Soon the depression went away because the … Continue reading Cambodia