Queen’s Day / King’s Day, Netherlands

Koningsdag or King’s Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Celebrated on 27 April (26 April if the 27th is a Sunday), the date marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander.[Until the abdication of Queen Beatrix in 2013, the holiday was known as Koninginnedag or Day and was celebrated on 30 April. There are large scale celebrations across the country with a lot of locals and tourists celebrating in Amsterdam. There is a sea of orange along the canals of Amsterdam as people drink and party through the day and night. An outdoor concert is held on … Continue reading Queen’s Day / King’s Day, Netherlands

The Olympics

Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece and was revived in the late 19th century. It is currently organized and governed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Before the 1970s the Games were officially limited to competitors with amateur status, but in the 1980s many events were opened to professional athletes. In 1924 the Winter Games were sanctioned for winter sports. The Games are organized every four years. In 2012, the Olympics was hosted by my home city London. This year, Tokyo is supposed to host the Olympics but it has been cancelled due to COVID 19. The Games have primarily … Continue reading The Olympics

Who are the Aboriginals

Get to know the Aboriginals Aboriginal Australians could be the oldest population of humans living outside of Africa, where one theory says they migrated from in boats 70,000 years ago. It is generally held that Australian Aboriginal peoples originally came from Asia via insular Southeast Asia (now Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, and the Philippines) and have been in Australia for at least 45,000–50,000 years. Before the British colonized Australia, it is estimated that about 750,000 to 1.25 million aboriginals inhabited the continents. Post colonization, large numbers were killed by disease and violence Between 1910 and 1970, government policies … Continue reading Who are the Aboriginals