The Power of You Tube


These days, there are millions of creators who are playing their craft on YouTube. Among these creators are the usual travellers who are portraying their perspective of the world as they travel from place to place. We have all sorts of travellers: the backpackers, the party goers, the hikers, the beach loungers, the off beaten track enthusiasts and many for. YouTube has, as far as I am concerned, been the greatest innovative achievement of the internet so far. As an explorer (and currently non-creator) I rely on these fantastic people on information and advise for my travels. But far more critically, I rely on learning about the multidimensional nature of our planet. This helps me be a better informed and hence a mindful explorer.

There are a myriad of channels on YouTube. Some of the channels covering Art, Wine, Food, History, Politics, Architecture and many more are indirectly influential in the way I see the world.

A few months back, I binged watched episodes of cheese making presented by Claudia for a channel called Food Insider. She brought home the fact that cheese besides the obvious (food to be eaten) is actually a gateway to microcultures across the world. That is something wonderful to see. Cheese making has been a key part of family cultures for centuries. As an explorer, this is why I travel: to recognize, appreciate and learn about cultures. Without YouTube, I wouldn’t have been able to get closer to so many different families and cultures. The same applies to many of my cultural interests: Art, Music, Food etc.

I am deeply grateful to the thousands and millions of creators around the world for bringing their story and craft to us. I hope to join these creators soon as I figure out my channel and what I aim to bring to the world. More importantly, I am glad that YouTube exists: It has indeed democratized the video world and made it possible for me and many others to become mindful and well informed explorers.


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