Palanque, Mexico

Palenque is an ancient Mayan city of the Late Classic Period (c. 600–900 CE) and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Temple of the Inscriptions is best preserved and is also noted for its hieroglyphic inscriptions. In 1952 a crypt was discovered under the temple. Inside the crypt, jade ornamented remains of a likely ruler-priest was discovered. Another important site is the Temple of the Sun which is noted for large stucco bas-relief throne and figures.

The famous structures possibly represent a rebuilding effort in response to the attacks by the city of Calakmul and its client states in 599 and 611. Palanque was possibly rebuilt by one of the best-known Maya Ajaw, Kʼinich Janaabʼ Pakal (Pacal the Great), who ruled from 615 to 683.

There are many other notable buildings such as the Temple of the Count and the Temple of the Jaguar.


My View

Palanque is my favourite Mayan site in Mexico. The jungle setting is what makes it most intriguing. You feel transported to a completely different period. I would highly recommend this site, even though it is slightly off the main tourist trail.

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