Pintxos are small pieces of bread, topped with various traditional ingredients such as a local cheese with figs, ham with fried green peppers, cod croquettes or pieces of Spanish omelette. They are called pincxos because many of them have a spike (toothpick, skewer) through them.

In the Basque region, Pintxos originated in San Sebastian, the food capital of Basque and possibly Spain. Similar to Tapas, you choose as many as you want and then staff will count the sticks/empty bowls for the total payment.

While some pinchos are simple, others can be more elaborate. There are different types, some of which are listed below:

Classic Gilda – (Anchovy with Pickled Green Peppers)
Pintxos with Spanish Ham and Salami
Pinchos de Torilla (Spanish Omelette)
Chistorra y Padron (Sausage and Peppers)


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