Bayon Temples

More on the Bayon Temples

The Bayon is a richly decorated temple at Angkor in Cambodia. It was built around late 12th century by Jayavarman VII at the centre of his capital, Angkor Thom.

The Bayon was the last state temple to be built at Angkor and the only state temple to be built primarily as a Mahayana Buddhist shrine dedicated to the Buddha.

The temple has three levels to a height of around 43 meters. The outer gallery on the first level depicts scenes from everyday life and historical events, while the inner gallery on the next higher level depicts mythical figures and stories. The third level has many of the famous faces.

There is still a debate as to who is being depicted in the faces. One school of thought says they represent Avalokitesvara, Mahayana Buddhism’s compassionate Bodh. Other think they are a likenesses Jayavarman VII himself or a combination of him and Buddha.



My Take

These temples are just stunning! If you love history a lot, then one can easily spend a week at Angkor. The three day pass is a good way to explore most of the sites and not get overwhelmed by information.

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