The Wailing Wall

The Wailing Wall

  • Western Wall, also called Wailing Wall, in the Old City of Jerusalem, a place of prayer and pilgrimage sacred to the Jewish people.
  • It is the only remains of the Second Temple of Jerusalem, held to be uniquely holy by the ancient Jews and destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.
  • Wailing Wall was coined by European travellers who witnessed the mournful vigils of pious Jews before the relic of the sacred Temple.
  • Visitors to the wall have long followed the practice of wedging small slips of paper, upon which prayers and petitions are written, into the cracks between the stones.


My Take

I remember being in Israel in 2012 in the holy city of Jerusalem. It was quite an intense moment here at the Western Wall. Not only this historical site, but the sentiments were equally intense across the city. The city is extremely important to Judaism, Christianity and Islam and I remember thinking of the thousands of people across these faiths who have died in the name of their religion both from persecution and from fighting for a cause. It is difficult to be objective as emotions run very deep.

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