Learn More about Paella

  • Paella is a dish from Valencia, Spain. Paella takes its name from the wide, shallow traditional pan used to cook the dish on an open fire. Paella means “frying pan” in the local language in Valencia.
  • Paella Valenciana is the traditional paella of the Valencia region and consists of round grain rice, bajoqueta and tavella (varieties of green beans), rabbit, chicken, sometimes duck, garrofó (a variety of lima or butter bean) and optionally snails. Olive oil is used as a base, and saffron and (sometimes) whole rosemary branches are used as seasoning.
  • Paella de marisco (seafood paella) replaces meat with seafood and omits beans and green vegetables, while paella mixta (mixed paella) combines meat from livestock, seafood, vegetables, and sometimes beans, with the traditional rice.
  • Source: Wikipedia

Here are two resources to learn how to cook paella

My Take

Paella is probably my favourite dish in the world. Along with Jamon, When I was walking the Camino trail, I looked forward each day to my daily fix of Paella. I have had some of the best Paella in Barcelona and also in London.

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