Every time I come to Singapore (however short), the sense of belonging exists: A part of me always will be in Singapore and wants to come back. The other part of me is like ‘I would rather live in cold, rainy, gloomy London and deal with weekly tube signal failures than live through the heat and humidity of Singapore’. The tug of war continues…..

The skyline of Singapore astonishes all of me every single time! Singapore is a very modern city but besides the skyline, I am totally in awe of the food here: the taste, the quality, the variety, the flavour and all of this at a reasonable price in the food courts

There is so much to try out.

Popiah, Kaya butter toast, mee siam, mee go reng, laksa, beef kway teow, chilli crab, black pepper crab, rojak, murtabak, chicken rice, egg paratha, fish head curry, curry puffs, carrot cake, noodle soups, Indian curries, beef rendang, yong tau fu ,kang Kong, otak, omelette, chilli stingray, hot pots….there are of course lot of different cuisines from other parts of the world but the list is about local delights. My favourites include chili crab and black pepper crab, kway teow and laksa.

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