Arctic Highlights: Torellneset

We had our first sighting of a polar bear today. It was at quite a distance and while it isnt what I would have wanted as a first sighting, it wad still quite thrilling to see one. Polar bears are quite dangerous and one needs to be wary on land. That is why guides carry rifles to always be on the lookout. Since there was a bear on land, we had to settle for a zodiac cruise along the coast.

It turned out to be an excellent choice. We experienced a couple of colonies of walrsuses including some calves. Both males and females have tusks so it can be quite difficult to differentiate between the adults. The walrus feeds on clams and can dive to a maximum of 20 minutes. According to our guide, the walruses looked nervous: it could well be that the polat bear walked by earlier and scared the animals. Polar bears dont tend to attack walruses (the tusks can be quite damaging) but if there is a lack of food, even walruses are fair game.

The quest for survival: And I got a sense of it today

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