Arctic Highlights: Segelsällskapet

Segelsällskapet is one of the points in the fjord system in the North West of Greenland. Here we disembarked and we went on a relative strenuos hike to a point high in the mountains where the entire fjord system mesmerized us in its foggy wonder. The following words, I hope, articulate the feeling I experienced.

On a cliff high above the seas

Vastness of the land lay in front of me

The wind roared and the fog rose

And the water streamed down to the shore

As I saw the faint steam from the ship

A sign that my stay here was short

Thoughts filled myself with moments of bliss

It was like the dream that I had sought

I had become one with Mother Earth

And my heart grew louder resonating with the air

It beated to the drum of the land

It beated to the smell of the seas

High above perched on the mountains

I was self aware of my place in the universe

We may not be all that we want to be

We may even be insignificant in the universe

But we are who we are

And those three little words that started as a faint sound

Grew stronger and stronger

It echoed from the places high above

Those three words were here to stay

I am alive

I am alive

I am alive.

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