Arctic highlights: Sailing to Greenland Part 2

We had another day at sea. The day was filled with lectures with the finale of some music by the musician onboard.

Our first lecture was on the history of Greenland. It was quite informative to learn about the Inuits, their culture as well as the impact from the vikings.

It was then followed by a fascinating lecture on the Arctic marine ecosystem. I am always amazed at how connected our ecosystem is (side note: There is a podcast called TED radio hour and I would recommended the podcast episode on connectedness) and how diverse the ecosystem is. In particular, I was astounded by the impact of miniscule creatures called zooplanktons (which need photoplanktons).

After lunch, we had a lecture on the Aurora Borealis. We learnt some of the ancient interpretations of the lights and the scientific explanation (solar wind + Earth’s magnetic field × dispersion).

Finally the evening was rounded off by some original music by Blaise Gold (check him out on Spotify etc). It was a beatiful way to sign into Greenland as we anchored to pristine beauty.

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