Arctic Highlights: Sailing to Greenland Part 1

Our two days sailing to Greenland was quite eventful: not from the seas which were calm but from the sharing of the wealth of knowledge shared by our staff onboard.

We started with a lecture on Polar bears. Polar bears are majestic creaturs and are fantastic hunters (they have an amazing olfactory system). They are comfortable both on land and at sea. There are many more aspects to the polar bear which we should all learn and appreciate.

We then had a lecture on the different species of birds (with a brief mention of the impact of plastic in the seas). My favourite is the Arctic Tern: These 200g birds have the longest migratory pattern in the world – they fly from the Arctic to the Antarctic every year. That is on an average 60000km. In a life time, they have flow to the moon and back thrice.

Finally we had a lecture on the ecology of ice followed by the documentary Chasing ice. We were first introduced to glacier formations, types of icebergs before the conclusion of the melting of sea ice and retreat of glaciers. The last point was dramatically emphasized through a series of visual representation in the documentary.

It was a sobering end to the day. We headed to Greenland a little more educated and a lot more aware (both of the impact of climate change and our own personal impact from both this trip and from our consuming habits).

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