Arctic Highlights: Alpe Glacier

Mountains as high as 2000m greeted our arrival to the Alpe Glacier. The air was crisp and cold, the moutains had a streak of fog and the waters were calm and serene. The reflection of the landscape amplified the beauty onto the our senses. It seemed Greenland was toying with out hearts. With each passing moment, it revealed another slice of her hidden beauty wrapped into the fjords, the moutains, the waters and the ice.

It led us to another zodiac cruise calling us to explore her more. The land and the ice seduced us more as we navigated through the channel. The towering mountains on either side reminded us of an violent past but the calmness of the waters assured us. The distant glaciers called out to us to get closer and explore more. And we did. And we were drawn closer to the seduction of Greenland.

We wanted more. We wanted to stay in the waters almost hugging the glaciers for longer. However the increasing cold and the almost freezing temperatures forced us back to the warmth of the ship.

Greenland has much to offer but isnt too shy to remind us that she decides on our presence and not the other way around.

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