Arctic Highlights: Magdalenefjord

Our first stop on our 15 day cruise was at Magdalene Fjord. We reached the place just after lunch. During the morning we had safety briefings as well as updates on bio securities, rules and regulations etc. Most striking part of the briefing is the need to be cautious and on the lookout for polar bears.

We had the guides scout the place for bears. The guides also carried rifles and placed themselves at different vantage points looking out for the bears. Once we were given the go ahead, we took turns to first do a zodiac tours of the place and then landed on the shore. This place is a grave sight for whalers and the graves are still present. It was an easy casual walk on land but the highlight was getting close to the glaciers.

The glaciers here are of two types: sea and land. Land glaciers dont end up in sea. Whereas sea glaciers end up into the sea. However both are just spectacular. The striking bit is the amount of area the glaciers have receded in the last century. And the glaciers are still receding. It puts eveything into perspective as these glaciers will affect sea level rises which could have a strong negative effect on low lying areas. We are at the mercy of nature and we have the power to be part of the solution while also being part of the problem.

Today, however, wasnt just about a moment of reflection. It was also a moment of celebration: Celebrating the privelege of being close and personal to these glaciers. It felt special.

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