Svalbard: Hiortfjellet hike

Yesterday I did the Hiortfjellet hike and today I feel pain in every single part of my body. However it was worth every single aching muscle and bone.

The hike is a combination of first kayaking across the sea (3km) and then a 925m altitude hike. This part of the mountain was also used for mining (mostly coal) and there are still remnants of that time (1920s and 40s if I am right).

The hike started on the Arctic tundra where the water doesnt seep through (it rain a bit) due to the permafrost. So it felt like walking on sponges. After about 1 hour we reached the steep bit which was all stones piled on. We hike this bit for another hour. The rains made it difficult as the stones were slippery but it wasnt much of a problem. The last leg was icy and quite challenging: I was slipping quite a bit and hurting my toes a lot. But after 3 hours or so we made it to the top. And it was worth every ounce of pain.

The hike is also quite meaningful to me. When I started my travels in Africa, I was so unfit that I couldnt even walk for a couple of kms without feeling like I would die. So this hike was the validation of the effort I had put in. I have loved hiking and enjoy not just the physical challenges but also the fresh air and the thrill of being in nature. I am so glad that I have given up my unfit life and now enjoying the fruits of my dedication to fitness. May it continue….

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