The Great African Journey: Kruger National Park

One of the most appealing must visit places in South Africa is the Kruger National Park. I have done safaris before. But the joy of experiencing animals in their element cannot be diminished by previous safaris. Each Safari is unique. Each experience brings about new sights. I have already seen the big 5 before. For me, I just wanted to be amongst the animals and if I was lucky, witness some amazing moments. And I did. There were many. For me the top 5 moments were:

1. Staring contest between a lioness and an Elephant. We saw this moment from a distance. There was a baby elephant near by so mama elephant wanted to ensure that the lioness knew its place.

2. A satisfied Leopard

On our first day, we did a sunset drive. And to our amazement we saw a large male leopard just chilling by the road in a bush. It looked lethargic. Then we saw why. A large carcass of a warthog with its internals missing lay nearby.

3. Baby Hyenas

While adult hyenas are nasty, baby hyneas are quite cute. And we found 5 of them relaxing on the road getting some sun.

4. Painted Dogs

We saw a family of wild dogs walking along the road, totally ignoring the vehicles parked and our cameras.

5. An one horn African Buffalo

Doesnt matter if it has one or two horns: the message is clear. Dont mess with them.

Not everything is beautiful. There is a serious issue with Rhino poaching. We were lucky enough to see a black Rhino. It seems poachers try to get location data from photos. So I will not post any Rhino photos. I hope the governments of Vietnam, Yemen and China crack down on demand..We were told that 3 rhinos are poached every 2 days. Too many animals are lost. We need to protect these beauties.

I spent 3 days at Kruger. It isnt enough. I have yet to see a Lion pride. Maybe one day I will be lucky to go to Masai Mara and maybe this wish will come true.

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