The Great South American Journey: Peru

Peru is best known for Maachu Pichu Thousands of folks experience that marvel every year. I shall provide my views on Maachu Pichu and the Inca Trail on another note. Peru, also has other sights and experiences and these make Peru one of the best destinations in South America.

I started my journey in Iquitos with the Amazon River Cruise. I did a 10 day journey with G Adventures in a trip called the Amazon River Cruise: In Depth.

Effectively, we cruise down different tributaries of the Amazon and the large rivers as we search for wildlife and admire the ecosystem. If one is hoping to see a lot of wildlife then one could be disappointed. If one is just happy to experience every thing that comes along then one will be quite happy. We saw monkeys, 1 caiman, a couple of bats, lots of birds. That’s about it. No jaguars, tapirs etc. It doesn’t matter. We had so much more to go home with. My favourite moments were eating a rodent, visiting a local village, watching a shaman at work, planting trees and just watching the Amazon go by.

Besides the Amazon, we went to Lima, Arequipa, Nazca, Colca Canyon, Mancora, Huanchaco and Lake Titicaca. In each of these locations, there is a lot to do and I will highlight one or two experiences which I enjoyed the most.

  1. Lima: Miraflores neighbourhood. We enjoyed walking from Miraflores, along the coast to Barancha neighbourhood. Miraflores has a lot of places to eat at, handicraft markets, surfing, paragliding, modernism etc. If one can have time to do a day trip, I would recommend Pachacamac, a pre Inca ruins site.
  2. Nazca: The Nazca lines and the flight to experience the lines
  3. Colca Canyon: The stunning landscapes and the flight of the condors
  4. Mancora: Surfing (though I just chilled at the hotel) and burgers at Surfer Burger
  5. Huanchaco: Chan Chan ruins and Trujillo
  6. Lake Titicaca: Homestay with a local family and getting a bit of understanding of the local native culture

Peru has a lot to offer. There are many experiences I missed out on. All I can say is that if you want excellent diversity in food (they have amazing choices), culture, sights and experiences, Peru is the place to go to.

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