The Great South American Journey: Bolivia

We spent almost three weeks in Bolivia. There are a few places to go to Bolivia: Uyuni Salt Falts are the most famous and a must visit when you are there. Besides Uyuni, I would recommend Sucre: a lovely town close to the dinosaur footprints. We also went to La Paz and Potosi.

La Paz is the capital of Bolivia and like any capital it is crowded, busy and buzzing. After being on the road for so long, I was pleasantly surprised by a place called English Pub: and it turned out to be amazing! Pints and excellent fish and chips were just what I needed after so long on the road. There are a few sights in La Paz: The Witches market (for its unique artefacts), the Valley of the Moon and the cable car to go to the high altitude parts of the city. We did a walking tour to get an understanding of the city. I don’t think you need a walking tour (it wasnt free but cost a fair bit of money) – you can easily navigate the centre on your own. A few of my fellow travellers did the death road tour – mountain biking down the road. I did not fancy the death road so I skipped it. Instead I went to Tiwanaku ruins closer to Lake Titicaca. It was a fantastic experience and I enjoy learning more about pre Inca cultures.

Sucre is a pleasant town, close to the area where dinosaur footprints were found. There is a dinosaur park where these footprints are found and I went there to get a glimpse and learn more. In Potosi, the main attraction is the silver mine. I chose not to go there but instead went to a restaurant famous for a local dish: Volcanic soup! It was delicious. The high light however was Uyuni. We spent three days going to different parts of the flats to experience one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. There are miles of salt flats, colourful lakes, flamingos, stunning rock formations, cacti and breath taking sunsets/moon rises. A lot of photos are about perspective shots. I chose to focus on the place itself and did not participate in any of these shots. My fellow travellers enjoyed those shots a lot and I was happy to be their photographer in those 3 days.

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