The Great South American Journey: Antarctica

After a splendid couple of days in South Georgia, we sailed towards Antarctica. It was atleast a two day crossing across the sea but the excitement and the anticipation grew with every passing moment. For many, this is the last box to be ticked on their check list: The 7th continent. For me, it was just exciting to be part of something new and very different. I had seen pictures and videos of the continent. I knew it was special. But I had no idea, how spectacular it really is till I reached there.

On our way to Antarctica, we saw some floating icebergs. Our first view, such, we experienced ice and snow everywhere. We spent the next four days exploring different points on the Antarctic peninsula. Due to so much ice (and the fact that we were there during early summer), we couldnt navigate to the Antarctic circle. We stopped well before the circle. Someday I aim to go back and cross the circle. In addition, I want to reach the South Pole (only if I have the fitness levels to do so. And yes, I have yet to learn how to ski!).

There were spectacular snow mountains everywhere. We saw quite a few seals, leopard seals and birds. There were moments when the water was so calm that we could get spectacular mirror images of the area. I enjoyed doing the tourist stuff: playing in snow, jumping in the snow celebrating reaching in Antarctica etc.

Antarctica has left a deep impression on me. I felt so insignificant in the midst of so much ice and snow. I felt completely helpless in the face of this natural beauty. Imagine if all the ice melts: It would be a disaster. Imagine if we get stuck in ice or we hit an iceberg: It would be a disaster. No matter, how we progress as a human race, nature is still far too powerful (recently seen with the hurricanes and the earthquakes). At the same time, it was inspirational. It made me feel that I need to something a lot more meaningful in my life.

The entire Antarctic experience has been the best experience of my life. And someday, I hope to be back.

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