The Great South American Adventure: Argentina – Early Days

I boarded the plane from London to Ushuaia, Argentina on 17th Nov 2016. The entire journey was uneventful and I landed in Ushuaia around 4pm local time. I was tired and exhausted after almost a 30 hour journey. However, when this view presented itself just outside the airport, I was quietly ecstatic for a brief moment. 

The taxi ride to the hostel wasn’t expensive: around AR $ 130. I checked into the hostel and crashed.

I was in Ushuaia for 3 days before my expedition to Antarctica. During those 3 days, I did a combination of hikes to Martial Glacier and to Laguna Esmeralda. I had to do the Glacier twice as the first hike I chose a path through the woods which gave great views of the Glacier but the actual hike was to reach the Glacier. 

The walk from the hostel to the Base of the Glacier (car park) was around 7.4km. You can take a taxi but I chose to walk. It took me about 2 hours. Then it is another hour hike from the car park to the start of the actual hike. A difficult 1 hour later I was at the top point where one could get breathtaking views. 

For Laguna Esmeralda, I took a bus to the National Park. It cost AR$ 250 return. The walk itself took around 75 mins to the lake and then similar time back. I enjoyed this compared to the Glacier hike as the views were much better along the hike. 
Some of the highlights from those hikes are as follows:

I did not spend much time: I was either hiking or sleeping: exploring Ushuaia. I left that for 3 more days when I was back from Antarctica to Ushuaia.

Few things to note:

1. I was very lucky. Ushuaia had very good weather for the entire period I was there.

2. Ushuaia has a very small center. Not much to do here if you don’t hike and/or do Beagle Channel cruises. 

3. I had the best hot chocolate (discovered it after I came back from Antarctica) and coffee in Ushuaia at a place called Xpresso near Hotel Albatross.

4. Ushuaia is very expensive.Slightly more than London prices for everything.

Next update will be on the Antarctic Expedition starting with Falkland Islands.

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