The Great South American Journey: Ushuaia

​I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. On Nov 18th, I finally boarded the plane to set off for my very own South American Journey.

It took almost 30 hours to get to Ushuaia from London and at the end of it, I was quite exhausted. I had boarded the plane at London City Airport at 11am. However I was at the airport at 6:30am. Quite early because I had to skip the morning Jubilee line rush hour traffic.

From London I flew to Rome where I had a 4 hour stop over. During this break I had 2 portions of the best fish fingers I have ever had.

Then the long flight to Buenos Aires on Aerolíneas Argentines. I was quite impressed by the airline. Everything was smooth and I managed to sleep off most of the journey (thank fully!) . At Buenos Aires, I had to go through immigration and check in my bag again. Once again a very smooth process and I had 4 hours before my flight to Ushuaia via El Calafate. The flight to El Calafate took almost 4 hours and then after a 45 min stopover and another 1 hour of flying I reached Ushuaia at 4pm local time. The views along the way made up for the long flight.

After checking into the hostel, I crashed at about 8:30pm and slept for a good part of 11 hours. I needed it.

Now I am in Ushuaia and I am looking forward to my time here. The Great South American Journey has begun.

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