Ultimate Africa: Kenya

We spent some time at Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha. Rest of the time was spent on the road driving either from Tanzania or to Uganda. In between though I got to spend a couple of days in Nairobi. Here I visited the Elephant orphanage which was one of the best experiences in Kenya.

First the Lakes. We went to Lake Nakuru before we headed to Uganda and to Lake Naivasha after we headed back from Uganda. Both Lakes are extremely picturesque and scenic. At Lake Naivasha we did a game drive where we spotted some Rhinos. At Lake Nakuru, we went on a boat ride and got close to some Hippos.

The Elephant Orphanage followed by the Giraffe Santuary and Crocodile farm were the highlights in Nairobi. The Elephant orphanage hosts around 20 baby elephants whose mother were mostly killed by poachers. Between 11am.to 12pm the baby elephants are brought out for the tourists and honestly it was a beautiful sight seeing babies just being babies even though each one of them has been traumatised. The orphanage is doing good work and over time they release the elephants to the wild. One can also adopt an elephant for usd 50 for a year. The giraffe sanctuary is a place where you can feed giraffes. It is doing important work too. Any organizational involved in conservation does very important work.

I feel I haven’t really embraced Kenya and I need to come back here someday.

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