Ultimate Africa: Tanzania Part 2

As previously mentioned, Stonetown is a conservative town in Zanzibar with a Muslim majority. This influence has been around since the times of the Omani royalty. There is, however, a dark side to Stone town.

Stonetown was the hub of East African Slavery trade. Slaves were brought here from many parts of East Africa, sometimes forcibly, sometimes in cooperation with local tribes before they were auctioned to the highest bidder. The slave trade was controlled by the Arabs: something I didn’t know till I spent time in the Slavery musuem. It is a definite must visit place. A definite eye opener.

Stonetown also has a large Indian influence seen in their architecture as well as food. I had excellent Indian curries there: place called Silk Route. We also visited the local markets including a food market. Stonetown old town has many of these narrow lanes that one can easily get lost in though a lot of these lanes were buzzing with traders. And of course here is where Freddie Mercury was born so his house is a place of interest on the tourist trail.

Some of the picture highlights from my time here are as follows:

Stonetown has both Arab and Indian influence. The semi circular door represents Indian influence. A rectangular door represents Arab influence.

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