Ultimate Africa: Tanzania Part 1

After a few days in Malawi, we headed to Tanzania to experience three highlights: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar. This update is about Zanzibar and the beaches. Zanzibar, as you are probably aware  is an island off the coast of Tanzania. What you probably dont know and I didnt either is that Zanzibar is autonomous to Tanzania. Having a Muslim majority, Zanzibar, especially in Stonetown, is very conservative and this applies to the way one dresses in the town. Zanzibar, though, has beautiful beaches: pristine, white sandy beaches and this was our first introduction to Zanzibar.

We stayed at a resort in the North off the beach and the sights were stunning. There are numerous activities one can do here: swim with turtles, diving, snorkelling etc. Since I cant really swim well, I chose to just chill at the hotel/beach and spend sometime at the village. However, it is highly recommended, based off my travel group’s experiences, to enjoy the waters. Some of photo highlights of the beaches are as follows:


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