Ultimate Africa: Malawi

Malawi was the first place, as such, where we interacted with the locals more. We stopped along Lake Malawi at two spots: Kande Beach and Chitamba.

Kande Beach was beautiful. It felt more like the ocean than a lake. I was quite pleased to have a rest by the lake. On our first day, we met the local villagers who hosted a dinner for us. While I am all for meeting the locals, I was quite uncomfortable with how easily young children were reaching out to us: grabbing our hands and guiding us along. The kids were sweet and very enthusiastic to meet us. My discomfort was largely driven by this very enthusiasm. I wasnt sure whether they were genuinely enthusiastic or were they coached to do so. But in the overall scheme, it was a pleasure to be hosted by the villagers and the food was good.

There is not much else we did at Lake Malawi except for eat, drink (for some a lot) and sleep. After Malawi we headed to Tanzania where Zanzibar and the mighty Serengeti awaited us.


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