Ultimate Africa: Zambia

After Botswana we headed to Zambia. Livingstone was the main destination of this part of the leg. Livingstone has the Victoria Falls which is one of the most beautiful falls in the world. I went to see the falls with some fellow travellers and the views were spectacular. It did seem though that the views might be better from the Zimbabwean side. Something to do in my next African adventure.

There are quite a few baboons at the falls.  They are there everywhere and it was interesting to get so close to them. They don’t disturb you. You don’t disturb them. After Livingstone we headed towards South Luangwa National Park. However through the journey our bus (also called lando) broke down. We had to endure a very unpleasant 16 hour drive in a small mini bus but the tour agency was kind enough to upgrade us to proper tents. The views from the tent were amazing. 

We did a sunset drive here and we got to see lions up and close. In addition, the thrill of the chase, that is finding animals in the dark, was fantastic. The sunset drive lasted for almost 4 hours. Our guides were quite good in spotting animals and without them we wouldn’t have got the experiences. 

After Zambia, we headed over to Malawi.

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