Ultimate Africa: Botswana

After Windhoek, we headed to Botswana. The visa process at the border was very smooth and once we entered Botswana we were excited about the wildlife the country has to offer.

My first experience was a flight over the Okavango delta.  To take the flight we had to go to the main Airport (and follow normal airport security measures) and board one of those 5 seater planes. The views were stunning. From the air, the animals looked like dots but it was still a spectacular sight.

The next step was to take a mokoro  (local canoes) and head back to the delta. We camped on one of the island overnight. The mokoro journey itself was very smooth and luckily we did not encounter any hippos. On the island we did a walking safari and while we didn’t see any animals except Zebras, I was happy to have learn more about the ecosystem here.

The major highlight of Botswana was the Chobe River cruise. The cruise is still my favorite moment in Africa. There were animals everywhere. It indeed felt like Jurassic Park! Before entering headed from Botswana into Zambia, we had to pass the aptly named Elephant Road where we ended up getting quite close to the elephants. It was indeed the perfect way to say goodbye to this beautiful country.

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