Ultimate Africa: Journey from Swapkopmund to Windhoek

Another week on the road and it has been another week of adventures, breath taking experiences and fun. However the weather especially early morning hasn’t been kind. It has been really cold but then again, it is a small price to pay. Today, however, we have heated tents and the beers are flowing. It is a good day to be in Windhoek.

We left Swapkopmund and headed to Spitzkoppe conservation area. The area has multiple large boulders and peaks  made of magma. We were supposed to sleep under the stars but it was too cold for that. During the night, we had a few horses run across in the middle of the night and a few jackals too.

Later, we headed to Damara Living camp. It is made up of Bush people displaying their culture. Needless to say it was beautiful. We learnt about their ways of life. She covered traditional medicines  (elephant pooh plays a vital role, herbs and plants for various ailments), starting fire, music and dance, local beer (it was delicious made of grass seeds) and finally animal wear.

Rock art is made up of animals  and footprints. It is effectively a map for other Bush people. One interesting artwork. A circle is a seasonal waterhole. A circle with a solid circle inside is a permanent waterhole. They also drew seals and penguins which meant that the Bush people were nomadic to the Atlantic coast.

Animals. The lion with a long tail and hand print is actually a sharman in a trance.

The best part of the week was in Etosha. We did 4 game drives in the bus. I did not do the private tour. At the end of it, I was in awe of the animal kingdom. The pictures below are from my mobile and may not do justice to the beauty of Etosha and it’s locals.

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