Ultimate Africa: Journey from South Africa to Swapkopmund, Namibia

We have been on the road, camping each night and finally now we are in Swapkopmund. It has been a very good journey. The sights are beautiful: no doubt of that.But what has made this journey enjoyable has been the pleasure of a wonderful group. 

We have a good diverse group from mostly Europe along with a couple of Aussies and an American. The group is easy going, quite sociable and make very good company. Part of any travel experience is based on the group one travels with and here we have got it right.  We have a professional videographer, six teachers, couple of people in the medical industry and two, including me, from the banking industry. There have been good laughs along the way and I hope we continue to gel well for the rest of the journey.

So far we have covered the Fish River’s canyon, dead trees, reached the Tropic of Capricorn, desert tour, seen quite a few zebras and oryx and seen some of the most amazing moon rising and night skies. Camping has been a challenging experience due to the cold. It is quite cold and the temperatures really drops in the night. I have yet to get used to sleeping in a sleeping bag. However any such inconveniences are insignificant compared to the breath taking experiences so far.

The view from the first camping night. 

The sun setting along Fish River’s canyon 

The moon rising immediately after the sun set. The orange glow was surprising.

This Oryx loved posing for the camera

In the background, the nest of the sociable weaver bird. It is quite intricately designed. Nature is wonderful.

These are the dead trees of Namibian desert. To get to these, you need to take a short drive in a large 4WD from the reception. The drive is a lot of fun with the bumps along the way. The local drivers sure know how to get the adrenalin going. 

We took a desert tour where we saw a lot of  zebras and this little fella: white lady spider. The spider builds a trap door (our guide found one and opened it for us) to catch it’s prey (how ingenious!). We also learnt the sad history of the Bush people but got a glimpse into their ways.

Not much to say on this one.

The night sky: this photo doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the night sky. We could see the milky way clearly and the sky was filled with millions of stars. Coming from London where we don’t get such views, this was particularly exciting for me. I took this on my smart phone (S7, pro mode) with a 10 second shutter and I was quite impressed with the result (not a dslr quality but still quite good).

And finally, Swapkopmund 

Tomorrow we head to Etosha national park and I can’t wait for the experiences that await us.

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