Ultimate Africa: Good bye Cape Town

I just checked into another hostel: Once in Cape Town.This is the starting point of my tour across East Africa all the way to Nairobi. The sun is shining, the music in the background is quite relaxing and I am just watching the city go by. The bus for tomorrow is parked outside and a sign that the adventure that I am here for is a short few hours away.

Yesterday I went to Cape Point and Cape of good Hope, passing by Clifton’s beach, Camp Bay and stopping at Hout’s Bay, Chapman’s Peak and Boulder’s beach. The trip lasted an entire day and I believe it was worth the 700 rand. The last leg to Cape Point Visitor’s centre was cycling and boy! I am so out of practice. But it was fun.

Hout’s Bay: One can take a ferry to Seals island to watch some seals. I skipped seal watching as I have done this in New Zealand and am going to do this in Antarctica later in the year.

The view from Chapman’s Peak. Simply gorgeous.

Boulder’s beach: I am so glad this is a protected sight and thanks to this, there has been a resurgence of the African penguins population here. Well done South African authorities ❤

The view from Cape Point and the light house. I believe Cape Point is the furthest point in Africa and this is here where the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans meet. The view is brilliant but the walk up nearly blew my lungs off (I am so unfit!! All those years of smoking and drinking have caught up badly).

Cape of Good Hope was much better on my lungs. It was really windy and the view was breathtaking as well.

It isn’t Africa without some wildlife action. And to our surprise, we got our very own national Geographic moment: Ostrich mating…it started with the male Ostrich flapping it’s wings and moving it’s long neck side to side: a sexual cry to the lady not too far way declaring that ‘I am ready’. And before you know it, he had mounted and the entire journey was very quick. Here is a crude video of the action

I haven’t done some of the attractions in Cape Town.I know at some point in the future, I will be back to do South Africa in depth. So far, I have enjoyed my introduction to Africa.

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