Ultimate Africa: Cape Town so far

It had been three days in Cape Town and so far so good.It is to be noted that I was warned not to walk on the roads after 7pm. That is a shame but safety always comes first. However one can take taxis to go around but one needs to be safe.

Having said that above, I found Cape Town quite a nice city as I walked along Long Street to the Waterfront during the day. Long Street is a popular Street with lots of bars and places to eat. I am not much to party these days so can’t really recommend any places to go drinking. However during the day, I would suggest the Waterfront.

Waterfront has numerous shops and restaurants and with a view of the harbour and the sea, it is a fine place to get some food.I quite loved the market place and one can also browse for local goods.

On the way back to the hostel, I walked along Government Street and the gardens near by. This was a pleasant walk and it was nice to see families out and about enjoying picnics in the gardens. Kids were trying to feed squirrels and it felt a world different from the touristy feel of the Waterfront.

I also went on a tour to the end of Africa as such, to Cape Point. I will provide an update on that later but suffice to say, besides the great views, we were also treated to raw National Geographic footage of Ostriches mating and our male Ostrich put on a fine presentation for us.

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