Ultimate Africa: Cape Town

I am finally in Cape Town and as the plane descended towards the airport, I was filled with excitement. Cape Town looked beautiful from the sky.

Getting through the immigration and customs wasn’t quick. The customs channel was quite interesting. The green channel was quite busy with custom officers stopping almost everyone. I was asked a couple of questions , some not even relevant to my bags eg: What is my job in London? How did I qualify for a British passport? : Are these not supposed to be asked by an immigration officer? Anyway not an issue but it was quite frustrating after a long flight from London (almost 22 hours including 8 hour layover). When I finally reached the arrivals hall, this greeted me and the excitement was back.

I am finally in South Africa and now everything seems real.

I am currently relaxing in my dorm room, which is made of 4 single beds like this:

Proper bed on Day 1!!! Perfect start to my South African experience.

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