And so it begins

Jul 12th 2016

I am writing this update from my dorm bed in Victoria. This morning I gave up my flat and later in the afternoon I checked into a hostel. I have a 5:30am bus to Gatwick from Victoria Bus Station and so it made sense to stay close to the station (10-15 min walk).

I have been waiting for this day for a long time (and my friends can vouch for that) and now that it is here, it feels unreal. The feeling is sinking in though: The desire to travel and embrace the world has been strong for a few years (it is one of the items on my capstone essay when I graduated from London Business School) and that helped me stay the course as I worked towards paying off my MBA debt and then building resources.

Looking back, am sure I could have saved more or planned in more detail. Maybe I could have prepared better (eg: bought USD before Brexit crushed the GBPUSD rate – that has increased my cost by 10%) or worked on my fitness or done numerous other things to prepare for a long but slow journey.

But deep down I know I am ready. So all I have left to say is

“Hello World”


One change I must bring this time is be as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it.

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