Tin Tin exhibition

When I was a young boy,  I was very much into comics. I loved Asterix ,  Phantom,  Archies and Tin Tin. Tin Tin, in a way,  is my favourite.  The books were full of adventures in these exotic lands and it always seemed so much fun to do those trips with the characters in the books.

So when I found out through the timeout website that there was a free exhibition on Tin Tin at Somerset House, I had to check it out. The exhibition did not disappoint. As I walked into the small exhibition,  I entered a world of fantasy and my world of wonderful childhood memories of me reading these comics.

However, to put into context : the exhibition is rather very small and you will be done within 30 mins. But for me,  those 30 mins were priceless.

The exhibits were pictures from the books as well as details on the creator : Mr Remi also known to the world as Herge. The gift shop was a sweet ride to fantasy land: The comic covers was all too familiar and amazing.


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