2016:Travel Dreams

From a travel perspective, 2015 was a good year. The highlight of the year was the trip to Cuba: with the Americans and Cubans warming up to each other, the concern is over-commercialization of Cuba in due course and I am glad to have visited Cuba before everything potentially changes.

Today is the first day of the year and it is time to probably have a bit of think about this year’s travel wishlist.

Top of the List is Iceland: This is one of my favourite drone footages of Iceland.

Iceland Drone Footage

Iceland with its contrasting landscapes, hot springs, barrenness has always fascinated me. I am hoping the country lives up to my expectations. I am hoping to go there during the Easter break.

However I plan to head to Paris as my first stop of the year.

I am currently waiting for a new passport and as soon as I get it, I will be off to Paris. I want to make Paris my first trip for two reasons:

  1. Pay respects: I want to pay respects to the city and to those who lost their lives during the Paris attacks. I want to pay respects to other places and people who have suffered the same (Kenya, Beirut, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Australia, Istanbul, Mumbai etc). Paris would be the place to do so. I find Paris as a city that encourages you to be reflective and thoughtful. What better place than to think about the world, philosophize about the spectrum of human behaviour and to pay respects to all those who have suffered.
  2. Be charmed:I remember being totally charmed by Paris in my first visit. The cafes, the restaurants, the museums, the people: the city left a great impression on me. I am hoping that the city is as charming as it has always been.


Last year I went to the Monaco Grand Prix.


This year I hope to go to Singapore and watch the grand prix there. Munich and Oktoberfest are on the cards this year. In addition, probably visit a few more places across Europe and catch up with friends.

Finally to end the year, I am hoping to take a trip to Antarctica. Early days to think about it but this would be a dream come true.

With that, I am hoping my wishlist comes true. I hope the same for you too.

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