Having spent 3 days in Berlin,  I must say that it isn’t a majestic city or a beautiful one but it has its charm. There is obviously history here with the Berlin Wall and the history of Nazis. I found  Berlin to be a city that grows on you –  the buildings are nothing to write about,  the transport quintessential German –  efficient,  clean and effective. However as I wandered aimlessly around the city,  getting a drink at a random place,  I began to like Berlin. The music is from the 90s,  the people around having a good sense of humour and it seemed that different people find a way to live in the best way possible. Two days as such is quite limited to figure out folks from Berlin but it is something I have taken from just observing people.

Given the history of this place,  the Berlin Wall – the divide between 2 communities is now just a place in history. There are parts of the wall but most impressive has been the artwork on these walls. There are lots of graffiti – mostly terrible but the point is all this represents freedom of expression and that in itself is a win.

I didn’t do any museum except for Museum of Terror and it is highly recommended. While everyone knows about the Nazis,  the persecution and torture of Jews and other minorities,  this museum provides another perspective into this dark chapter i.e the rise of Nazis and the SS. For those who lost their loved ones in this terrible period,  it can be emotionally moving.  For me it gave a sense of how ideologies and propaganda can shape human thought. I will put up another note exploring my personal views in this matter but it is suffice to say: Throughout history,  tools of ideology
and propaganda have been successfully used to shape societies: We remember those dark turns but the same applies for ideas of social and political progress. Powerful tools when applied properly can lead to immense beauty.


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