Frasier is my favourite sitcom. Even though I am well aware that almost all episodes were not shot in the city, I was still quite excited about visiting Seattle. In addition, I was going to meet my adorable nephew for the first time.

I took the air train from Seattle airport and went to downtown. The air train is very good – cheap, clean and runs on time. At the centre, while I waited for my cousin, I bought a coffee and watched the city as it drizzled. And I loved it. I can’t explain it. There is something immensely beautiful about the city. Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was a good cup of coffee (well it was Starbucks) or maybe it was a vibe which I felt – here is a city which is spread widely, has beautiful mountains and lakes, is serious enough for a proper city job yet playful enough to make the most.

I knew this city was special. The next day, I covered the tourist stuff – Seattle Centre, Space needle and the EMP museum. My favourite was the Chihuly exhibit. It was breathtaking.


I would highly recommend this to anyone.

While I walked across the city, I also got a strong sense of weed (I was later told weed is legal in Washington). Other attractions which I liked the most were the numerous stalls at Pike Place market.


Last but not least I went for a Sounders game and it was surprisingly good. I was amazed at the passion of the fans here for soccer and they were very vocal after winning against LA Galaxy.

It was a short 3 day trip. I would have loved to spend a couple more days and maybe done a couple of hikes. Always a next time.

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