A week in Mauritius: Part 3

Today, I did a trip of the north – spending time at Grand Bay and at Port Louis. Grand Bay is as beautiful as Blue Bay but there are far more restaurants and bars there along with shopping centres. I would recommend spending atleast 2 nights there. A view of the ocean…


Port Louis is the capital and as expected is streaming with folks going about their business. The market is lovely with multiple stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables, trinkets etc.

The waterfront is a must see. I particularly liked the crafts market where there were many crafts on display with my favourite being


These are coconut shells beautifully recreated. The waterfront also is a quieter place compared to the markets. I might sound ignorant but I reckon it is not worth staying at Port Louis but one should stay at Grand Bay and drive here – around 25 km away, a short drive.

I missed two tourist hot spots: Flic n Flac which I was told is similar to Grand Bay and Ille deux cerfs: a small island good for snokerlling. Sadly I can’t swim well and I avoided doing water sports. I am keen on kite surfing and I need to improve my swimming skills.

I won’t be doing the above and for the remaining two days, I will drink some beer, chill on the beach and just relax. The pace at London awaits me and I could do with some downtime.

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