A week in Mauritius: Part 1

After a long 13 hour journey, I reached Mauritius last night. I flew via Emirates which is becoming one of my top Airlines to fly with.

I reached Blue Bay just after the sun had set and checked into my room. I was told that I am close to the ocean but it was too dark to see anything. I am staying at Chautevent guest house – seems to be a family run business. And so far it is wonderful. Very nice room: clean, big and a wonderful hot shower (I can sleep on the floor or on a bad bed but a hot shower is a luxury I like to have). I slept well and when I got up this morning this was the view:


The ocean is indeed 30 seconds from the room and it is wonderful. There is something special about waking up to the sound of waves.

After breakfast and a bit of relaxing, I took the bus to Mahebourg, a village (or small town) 20 mins away. It was a sleepy town and there wasn’t much to do but the sea is close and the view just stunning.

This day is turning out to be great. So far, the positive experiences are

1. Locals: they are friendly and lovely. The local restaurant has some great food and the folks that work there are always smiling and ready to help you.

2. The beach: The beach is a minute away from the hotel and it was full of families having picnics, kids swimming and locals going about their lives: a wonderful sight.

The only negative experience was some dude asking me 200 rupees for a tow truck (no accident in sight) and he refused to ask the locals for help – a scam for tourists I guess.

I am loving what I see here so far. The best part, my friend’s wedding is yet to happen and that is what I am looking forward to the most.

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